Maximize Your Social Reach: A Guide To Repurposing Content

Creating content takes time. I’m not talking about a selfie with a few lines of text. I’m talking about content with a well-thought-out, even thoughtful message, whether a text post, video, or a carefully designed slider.

So, unless you have nothing to do beyond creating content, repurposing is the name of the game.

While I’m sure there are countless ways to repurpose content, there are 10 that I regularly use.

LinkedIn Live to Podcast

Everyone seems to be doing this today, although I’m pretty sure I was one of the first. I started my podcast in 2020 when there was little else to do.

When I launched my LinkedIn Live show in March 2021, back when you had to apply, it seemed a no-brainer to use the audio on my podcast. There are several apps you can use to enhance and trim or edit your audio, including BounceCast and Audacity.

If you have an editing tool like Camtasia, that works too.

Short Form Videos Across Platforms

 Some content creators say that using the same video format on all social media platforms is reposting, not repurposing. But, since I don’t have an editing team, I use the same format across platforms.

 The preferred specs are 1:1 (square) on LinkedIn and 16:9 (landscape) on YouTube. And 9:16 (portrait) on TikTok and Instagram Reels.

 I’ve found that 1:1 or square videos work across all the above platforms. I’ve even had 16:9 do well on TikTok because people found the content valuable.

 When it comes to video format, it depends on the platform. For example, videos in MOV format can be uploaded to LinkedIn as posts on mobile but not on desktop.

Infographics to Sliders

 Most of us have Infographics, the Sliders of yesterday, collecting dust on our hard drives. I’ve found the bite-sized content on infographics easily transfers to short sliders.

 To create Sliders, use the Instagram Square design on Canva. In the search bar, search for Carousels. Choose and modify a template. And save it as a PDF. LinkedIn magically turns it into the “slider” format we see.


There are many ways to repurpose most things you write on LinkedIn by expanding, editing, and/or combining content.

Comments to Posts

Thoughtful, detailed comments you make on other people’s posts can be expanded to be your text posts.

Collaborative Articles to Posts

If you’re part of the Collaborative Article beta program, you can combine comments, particularly on the same article, into a text post.

Text Posts to Video Scripts

Text posts are pretty easy to convert to video scripts. While content creators disagree on whether this is a good practice, I script most of my videos for 5 reasons.

I write scripts for several reasons:

1) it keeps me from rambling on and on

2) it makes it easy to record one line at a time

3) recording one line at a time makes it easy to change shots

4) and means less editing

5) having scripts makes recording several videos in a single sitting easy

Text Posts to Sliders

Yes, it saves time with Sliders too. 

Text Posts to Quote Graphics

It’s not unusual to see inspirational quotes or memes on LinkedIn. A “Don’t Try To Win Over The Haters” attributed to Scott Stratten is one of my favorites.

But why post someone else’s quote when you can easily quote yourself? Instagram (square) designs on Canva make that easy.

LinkedIn Live / Podcast Transcripts to Text Posts / Sliders / Quotes

Transcripts are a treasure trove for content creators. There are many ways to turn transcripts into content, including text posts, sliders, and quote graphics.

 If you don’t host a show, record yourself talking about your area of expertise. Some platforms, like Zoom, will provide a transcript. Doing this on some platforms, like Camtasia, will make this a two-step process (download audio and use a transcription service).

LinkedIn Live / Podcasts to Short Clips

You can use various platforms to turn your LinkedIn Lives or any longer videos into short clips you can use elsewhere. I use Chopcast. However, Canva and are other options.

Some podcast platforms, like Buzzsprout, which I use, allow you to create 1-minute clips of podcast episodes easily.

LinkedIn +

While this newsletter primarily focuses on repurposing LinkedIn content, you can use many of these strategies on other social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

While some of the examples, like repurposing LinkedIn Live audio on my podcast, seemed obvious to me, I learned many of the others by following and learning from smart content creators on LinkedIn and TikTok over the past few years. These techniques have saved me a lot of time. I hope they will help you too.

👉 This post originally appeared in the Smarter Career / Business Moves newsletter on LinkedIn. 

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