Hi, I'm Annette Richmond

For the last 10 years, I’ve been helping executives and high achievers advance their careers by creating compelling LinkedIn profiles, having more successful interviews, and, of course, writing resumes.

I learned that sharing content on social media, particularly LinkedIn, was the best way to attract potential clients, referral partners, and colleagues to collaborate with.

As a former magazine writer and media studies student in college, I was fascinated with the idea of live broadcasts. I began hosting my first LinkedIn Live broadcast, Smarter Career and Business Moves, recording videos.

When colleagues started asking me for help, I realized how much I enjoyed teaching others. And the idea for Black Dog Marketing Strategies was born.

I’ve been lucky to work with executives, consultants, and other entrepreneurs since I started my first business in 2014. Since then, I’ve given presentations to many groups and conducted some workshops too.

More recently, I’ve had the opportunity to speak about one of my favorite topics content creation strategies, especially video.

Because I get that people are uncomfortable being on camera. They are afraid of being judged. I felt like that too.

Finally, I realized that nobody cared how I looked or sounded, their only interest was if my message was relevant to them.

I love teaching others that too.

If you need help launching a LinkedIn Live show, creating videos, or coming up with content ideas, contact me.

I’m here for you.

P.S.  In January, I’m launching my new LinkedIn Live broadcast Content Marketing School, focused on content marketing strategies and content creation.


While I’ve taught myself much of what I do today, I have a solid background in writing and communications.  After earning a BA in English, with a writing concentration and a minor in media studies from Sacred Heart University, I worked as a magazine writer and associate editor.

Several years later, I earned an MA in psychology at Fairfield University. That led to consulting and teaching writing and communications at local universities, which is probably where my love of working with groups began.

Other Credentials and Affiliations

🔹Gallup Strengths Finder Coach, Trained by the best, Gallup

🔹MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) Certified

🔹Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE)

🔹Innovation Women Speaker’s Association

🔹LinkedIn Local Fairfield County, Organizer

🔹Forbes Coaches Council, 4 years

🔹Board of Directors, National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA), 5 years

🔹The Women’s Business Development Council, Business Advisory Board, 5 years