LinkedIn Profile - $1200

If you’re a consultant, entrepreneur, or executive who already has a robust Experience section on your profile, LinkedIn Profile Lite is for you. According to LinkedIn’s research, there are 63M decision-makers on the platform. Which makes LinkedIn a great place for B2B marketing.

But potential clients aren’t just interested in your business; they want to get to know you. A compelling About section, a Headline that sells you, and a custom background image all contribute to that know, like, and trust factor that makes people want to hire you.

LinkedIn Profile Lite focuses on building your personal brand by developing those key areas.


➡️ Compelling About section that goes beyond what you do and provides insight into who you are (what drives you, what you love, etc.)

➡️ A Headline that highlights the skills and talents relevant to your target audience (3 options, that can be used on their own or mixed and matched)

➡️ Customized Background image to grab the reader’s attention and enhance your personal brand (3 options, 1 choice to edit)

➡️ Guide to updating your LinkedIn profile (detailed instructions complete with LinkedIn screenshots)

LinkedIn Profile Banner (Only) - $300

Enhance your personal brand and or business with a custom LinkedIn profile banner. While the current pale green default background looks better than the previous iteration, it’s not a good look.

Neither is a random photo that looks pretty but doesn’t advance your presence on LinkedIn.

➡️ Your input, industry, and business or resume are used to create 3 custom photos that reflect your personal brand and or business.

➡️ All 3 images are yours to keep, you have the option of modifying one. Also, you will upload the photo to your LinkedIn profile.