Discounts and Platform Recommendations

Welcome to my platform endorsements and discounts page. Here you’ll find the platforms I use regularly and recommend. Some even offer discounts for you when you sign on with them.

Products that are sold on Amazon, like equipment and books, are all shared on affiliate links. So, I may make a little money if you purchase them. That goes for some of my partner programs as well.

➡️ If you are interested in joining affiliate programs, ask the vendors and platforms you do business with if they offer them and how to apply.


As I mentioned, I have an Amazon affiliate program, if you’re interested in setting one up you’ll find information on Amazon’s site. Find Amazon affiliate program information here.

Platforms That Offer Discounts

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting Platform

I’ve been using Buzzsprout to host my podcasts since I launched my first one in 2020. I love it because it has a ton of features, including the ability to create video soundbites easily and have your podcast listed in top directories without jumping through hoops. Receive a $20 discount when you click here to sign up.  

StreamYard Streaming Platform

StreamYard has been my go-to streaming platform since I started hosting LinkedIn Lives in 2021. It’s one of LinkedIn’s preferred platforms and incredibly easy to use. Receive a $10 discount if you use my affiliate link to set up your StreamYard account. Click here to get your discount. 

Recommended Platforms / Partner Programs


Although I’ve only been using Kajabi for a few months, I have found the platform to be so robust and intuitive and the support to be so strong that I can wholeheartedly recommend them. If you’re not quite ready to sign up, they offer a free trial period. Click here to learn more about Kajabi.